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Powering the future

Integrated Power Solutions for a global Net Zero future

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Ecologically Sustainable

Verdant’s objective is to deliver globally relevant
net zero emissions through green energy

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Modern Biomass for the Future

Verdant's goal is to produce green energy from world leading,
modern bioenergy techniques in a sustainable and
responsible fashion

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Our first project

The Verdant Energy Hub - Hunter Valley

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Verdant Earth Technologies
is a renewable energy asset and technology developer.

As the world transitions towards net-zero emissions, Verdant Earth Renewable Energy is positioned at the centre of two mega trends, net-zero emissions and green hydrogen.

Founded in 2018, Verdant Earth Technologies is working to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Verdant’s vision is to secure our net-zero, hydrogen-powered future. We will decarbonise our economy through a network of green hydrogen projects, developing our net-zero energy infrastructure, and accelerating the uptake of green hydrogen in Australia and beyond.

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Verdant Earth Technologies is powering green assets and technology to facilitate the transition toward net-zero carbon emissions for power generation.

We are one of Australia’s first companies to unlock the power of green hydrogen – to meet our growing energy needs. Verdant is developing a range of Australian green hydrogen and renewable energy assets for this purpose.

Memberships, Partners & Consultants

Knowledge Hub

The Verdant Earth Knowledge Hub is a free learning resource for anyone thinking about hydrogen. 

Specifically we’ve sought to collaborate with industry, researchers, media and government to source and share insights that will help us understand this space better.

See our reports and discussions to enhance the way you think about hydrogen, energy and emissions.

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