1100 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Hydrogen Transportation

1100 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles – Weichai has officially inaugurated the National Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Center and handed over 200 Weichai hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles for putting into operation in Weifang, Shandong Province.

Weichai and Sinotruk signed strategic cooperation agreements with Qingdao Shengtonghua Co., Ltd., Zibo Zhanhong Automobile Co., Ltd., Tongxin Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. and other customers.

All contracting parties reached an agreement on deepening the promotion of hydrogen fuel cells in the field of commercial vehicles and accelerated the large-scale commercial application of logistics and transportation scenarios.

Through the strong alliance, jointly seize the hydrogen energy track, together promote the rapid development of the hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicle industry, and contribute to the realization of “Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals”.

The 1100 commercial vehicles signed in this batch cover 4.5t urban logistics vehicles, 18t logistics vehicles, 49t tractors and other series of products. The Weichai hydrogen fuel cell equipped with the vehicle has a power of 50-200kw and has the characteristics of zero carbon, comfort, safety and reliability. It can meet the needs of many complex working conditions such as long endurance and low temperature, which can be called the ideal “hydrogen driving force” to achieve carbon neutrality in the future logistics and freight field.

1100 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

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