About Verdant Earth

Verdant Earth Technologies is developing integrated green hydrogen and renewable energy assets to power our future.

Founded in 2018, Verdant Earth Technologies is working to achieve net-zero emissions through the development of green hydrogen and renewable energy assets. Why? Because it’s impossible to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 if we continue to use our resources the way we do today. Verdant believes the foundation of a net-zero economy is net-zero infrastructure. The company’s first facility in the Hunter Valley will be one of Australia’s largest green baseload renewable energy providers (outside of hydro). It will generate 1,000,000 MWh of green baseload power, equivalent to supplying 200,000 homes.

Additionally, the company plans to deliver end to end hydrogen solutions, facilitating the advent of the hydrogen economy. Verdant’s goal is to be the first Australian company to unlock the power of green hydrogen – to meet our growing energy needs.

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About Our Green Hydrogen Future

For the world to transition towards net-zero emissions by 2050, in accordance with the UN’s climate goals, multiple renewable technologies will need to be integrated to create a renewable energy supply chain.

Green hydrogen is produced without fossil fuels and can directly replace hard to decarbonise equipment and 24/7 vital public infrastructure.

In fulfilling this specialised role, green hydrogen could supply up to 25% of the world’s energy needs by 2050.

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The Verdant Way Forward

Verdant is driven by its ambition to facilitate the supply and uptake of green hydrogen to make the realities of a green hydrogen economy possible.

Its commitment is to:

1. Lead the development of the green hydrogen economy by creating a global network of integrated green hydrogen and green energy production facilities. This will reduce reliance on fossil fuels and support global decarbonisation goals.

2. Be the largest owner and developer of green hydrogen facilities coupled with green energy in the Southern Hemisphere. This will allow us to reduce green hydrogen production costs and power a 100% green energy grid.

3. Promote the uptake and increase demand for green hydrogen.  We will create a green hydrogen economy with partnerships, end to end offerings and solutions.

4. Concurrently develop multiple projects, including replicating our model in multiple locations

Memberships, Partners & Consultants

Our Board

Michael Allman


Chairman Elect

Michael is an accomplished CEO, Board Member, and investor with a proven record of optimising businesses in the energy and technology sectors through leadership, strategy, and innovation. He has extensive experience within Fortune 300 companies and top-tier consulting firms around the world and particularly in the U.S. market.


CEO – Director

Richard has built a diversified portfolio of successful projects and developed companies in a range of industries. These include mining, energy and media in Australia and internationally, including two energy retailers from initiation to revenues of $500m+ and a $1billion market cap mining tech co.

Michael Addison

Michael Addison

Non-Executive Director Elect

Michael is an experienced project developer and investment banker with three globally recognised investment banks. 

Michael has held multiple executive positions on the Boards of listed companies on each of the London, Johannesburg and Australian Securities Exchanges.

warren kember

Warren Kember

Finance Director – CFO

Warren has over 35 years of experience in senior financial roles with both blue -chip industries and small-cap companies in development.

 His industry experience includes the energy sector along with manufacturing and telco.

James Myatt


Non-Executive Director

James is a seasoned energy executive with over 35 years of experience in the Australian and international energy markets including asset development in power and gas as well as wholesale and retail markets.

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Policies & Compliance

Read though our policies and procedures on Health, Environment, Biomass, Pollution and Privacy. 

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