Carbon Cycle – Essential for Life

Carbon Cycle - Essential for Life

Pine trees, bumblebees, and Swiss cheese? What do these all have in common?

It’s carbon!

Carbon can be found almost everywhere.

Find out just how important carbon is to life on Earth next on “Real World.”

Carbon is not only the fourth most-abundant element in the universe, it’s also one of the essential building blocks of life.

It’s in our bodies and in our food, but what is carbon, anyway?

Carbon is one of the basic building blocks of life on Earth. It’s found all over the place, like in animals, plants, and it’s also found in nonliving material like rocks and the atmosphere.

Carbon is important for many reasons, including providing lots of the power that we use. It’s found in coal. It’s found in fossil fuels.It’s found, really, in all of our main sources of energy.

We can find carbon in many different types of source pools. There’s a lot of carbon in the ocean. That’s actually one of our main carbon pools on our planet.

You can find carbon in the atmosphere as different gases, such as carbon dioxide, and you find lots of carbon in the terrestrial areas. So in plants, in trees,
or in soils.

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