Bioenergy Roadmap Review. What does it mean for Australia?

Bioenergy Roadmap Review

Australia’s Bioenergy Roadmap Review is out. Designed to help inform future policy and investment decisions, the roadmap sets out a vision for a sustainable bioenergy industry that delivers lower emissions, regional growth, energy resilience and waste management benefits for Australia. So, what does it mean for us? The benefits for Australia According to the roadmap, […]

Biomass power for the Hunter seen as positive step to tackle climate change

wind power mill in farm

“Hunter Energy Executive Forester, John Halkett, discusses biomass-based renewable energy in the Hunter Valley with The Hon Joel Fitzgibbon, MP for Hunter.“ THE conversion of the Redbank power station at Warkworth, NSW, near Singleton, to biomass energy will be a significant contributor to the Hunter Valley economy, says Joel Fitzgibbon, MP Hunter. Hunter Energy, the […]

Campaigns questioning the use of woody biomass for energy are missing key facts says IEA Bioenergy

grass close-up

Some concurrent media campaigns and publications question the use of woody biomass for renewable energy production, but several of them misrepresent on-the-ground forestry practise and bioenergy systems. A common tactic is to associate the use of woody biomass for energy with overexploitation of forests, even permanent deforestation, and “the burning of trees”. In reality, forest […]

Sorting the waste to energy mess

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TALKING RUBBISH: The Clean Energy Finance Corporation recently estimated a national pipeline of up to $7.8 billion in new investments in resource recovery, bioenergy and WTE in the period to 2025; employment benefits of up to 9,000 construction jobs, 2600 indirect jobs and as many as 1400 direct and ongoing jobs, and; the potential across […]

Biomass and baseload power: The reality of turning the electricity grid green

Biomass and baseload power

If ageing coal-fired and gas power stations are the ugly stepsisters of the electricity world, most renewables are the carriage that turns into a pumpkin after midnight (or as the sun goes down). We need more than hope and magic dust as we transition away from traditional fossil fuel generators to a new energy economy. […]

Why hydrogen needs to take centre stage at COP26

cop26 cover

Hydrogen is likely to play a crucial role in the pursuit of energy transition over the coming years. However, the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow in November will be the acid test that determines whether involved players are now prepared to put their words into action. Having net zero targets are […]

COP26: Carbon capture & storage and low-carbon hydrogen


For these vital net-zero technologies, the next five years will be critical. Carbon capture & storage (CCS) and low-carbon hydrogen have a pivotal role to play in meeting the challenge of a net-zero future. Yet despite project pipelines ballooning over the past year, confirmed future capacity is a fraction of what’s required to achieve the […]

Green Energy: A new report says renewables could be a $21tn industry for Australia by 2050

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Research commissioned by News Corp has demonstrated more than 672,000 jobs will be created, with $2.1 trillion in economic activity generated in the Australian renewable energy sector by 2050. The Valuing Mission Zero report was compiled by former prime ministerial economics advisor Andrew Charlton, for global firm Accenture and draws on 56 separate reports and […]

Investing in Australia’s net zero future


ARENA will tackle emissions in heavy industry such as aluminium and steel, while also continuing to support the electricity transition and hydrogen. The newly launched Investment Plan will guide the types of projects ARENA invests in, shifting attention onto opportunities to tackle emissions from heavy industry. In the plan, ARENA expands ARENA’s electricity sector focus […]