Hydrogen Cars Are The Future

Hydrogen Cars Are The Future

Here’s Why Major Car Manufacturers Believe Hydrogen Cars Are The Future

We delve into the reasons why several car giants are pursuing the hydrogen avenue of cars for the future instead of electric-powered vehicles.

The most recent battle in the automotive industry is between the proponents of electric cars and the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle advocates. While the latter sounds more like a title from a science fiction movie, the technology is here to stay. Not for nothing, various major players in the automotive industry and Western governments are backing the technology and investing massively in its development. The UK Department for Transport has teamed up with Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Shell with the goal of expanding the hydrogen refueling infrastructure across the UK and introducing fuel cell vehicles in emergency services and police departments.

Meanwhile, Toyota, Hyundai, and BMW are leading the change in the automotive industry, while focusing extensively on hydrogen passenger cars. Toyota, for example, prefers to focus its efforts on hydrogen cars instead of electric vehicles. Since 2014, when Toyota inaugurated the Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell sedan, Hyundai has been leading the way on hydrogen-energy technology. But Toyota is hardly the only automaker interested in these vehicles, so here is why major car manufacturers believe hydrogen cars are better than electric vehicles.

BY EUGENIA AKHIM – Published 8 September 2022

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