Modern Bioenergy is Crucial

Modern Bioenergy is crucial

Biomass materials to be used as a fuel source in the future. Modern Bioenergy is crucial.

The discussion around the use of Biomass has been raging over the last few years and despite many scientific and academic reports stating the benefits to the environment and the economy, many sceptics remain unconvinced.

Dr Annette Cowie has a long and distinguished career in soil science and plant nutrition, with particular interest in sustainable resource management. She is Principal Research Scientist -Climate, in NSW Department of Primary Industries. Annette is also Task Leader of the International Energy Agency Bioenergy research network “Climate Change Effects of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems”, Land Degradation advisor on the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel of the Global Environment Facility, and a member of the Science Policy Interface of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. Her current research focuses on sustainability assessment and greenhouse gas accounting in agriculture and forestry; investigating key aspects of soil carbon dynamics and biochar processes; and life cycle assessment of forestry, bioenergy and biochar systems.

In a report prepared for the Land and Environment Court proceeding and commissioned by Verdant Earth in October 2021 Dr Cowie states “The most important climate change mitigation is to transform energy and transport systems so that we can leave fossil carbon in the ground (eg Climate Council 2015:Welsby et al 2021). Using bioenergy now, in conjunction with other renewables, is an important measure to achieve this. Biomass is storable, dispatchable energy source that can support the rapid expansion of intermittent renewables, providing grid stability and balancing.”

Richard Poole, CEO of Verdant Earth Technologies states that “it is encouraging to see global scholars like Dr Annette Cowie advising government agencies on the benefits of employing modern bioenergy techniques. If we are to drive towards achieving global net zero targets then using Modern Bioenergy is critical to our journey.”

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