The Verdant Energy Hub -
Hunter Valley

Project Overview

Verdant Earth Technologies owns the 151 MW Redbank Power Station, situated in the Hunter Valley, NSW and we plan to convert it into a cutting-edge energy hub.

The project is both unique and multifaceted and includes:

1. Renewable baseload energy generation – Verdant is seeking approval to restart the generator using 100% waste wood residues to fuel its operations in lieu of coal tailings. This will provide urgently needed power into the grid, lower GHGs by 96% compared to the currently approved fuel and bridge the energy reliability gap.

2.  Modular development of green hydrogen production and distribution – Verdant will integrate hydrogen production and distribution in line with demand. It will be capable of producing 6 – 60 tonnes of compressed hydrogen per day whilst still meeting peak generation demands.

This project will be an exemplar of 24/7 renewable generation. It will fast-track Australia’s emissions reduction over the next decade and push the State towards a strong green hydrogen economy.

See more about the individual project elements below.

Verdant Energy Hunter Valley

The Verdant Power Station

Our power station was built in 2001 at a cost of US $150 million. It has an estimated replacement value of US $371m.

Verdant plans to restart the plant as 24/7 renewable baseload green generator using 100% sustainable waste timber residues in place of coal tailings. This change will make the power station the largest green baseload generator in Australia supporting the green grid and addressing the intermittency of solar and wind power.

It will be able to  provide ~1,000,000 MWh of 24/7 renewable power rated at net-zero emissions saving ~ 1,000,000 tpa of CO2 offering a true replacement for coal-fired generation.

The power station has a unique circulating fluidized bed. This is a low-emissions, highly efficient technology that is suitable for a range of fuels including biomass.

verdant earth technologies energy hub mockup

The Verdant Hydrogen Plant

Verdant has developed a unique profitable model – pairing green hydrogen production with 24/7 renewable generation. This delivers globally competitive green hydrogen at scale.

Phase 1 planning approvals for our hydrogen production facility are underway.

Watch this space for updates.