Biomass helps fight Climate Change

Biomass helps fight Climate Change

“Biomass helps fight Climate Change – Climate change is a major threat to the human systems and environment. The most important climate change mitigation measure is the transformation of energy, industry, and transport systems so that fossil carbon is not emitted to the atmosphere.” Says Dr Annette Cowie in an expert report on Climate Change in October 2021.

While renewable technologies like wind and solar will likely dominate the future energy mix, biomass-fired power generation has also emerged in this transitional period. Globally there are many former coal plants that are already in the process of converting their existing equipment to run on biomass.

Verdant Earth Technologies is committed to finding a solution by using modern biomass and sustainable forestry to produce renewable energy. Richard Poole, Verdant Earth CEO recently told the Newcastle Herald “I think the idea of modern bioenergy and the idea that we can grow our own (biomass) is a phenomenal solution and putting green hydrogen behind 24 generators is a significant uptick in terms of what we’re planning. I really like what we are trying to do and I hope we can do more of it.”

As Dr Cowie stated in her report “Given the urgency of reducing green house gas emissions to avoid dangerous climate change (IPCC 2021), proven options that avoid additional fossil fuel emissions should not be rejected. This proposal with continue to contribute to the NSW net zero goal, by utilsing existing residues from sustainable harvesting and wood processing.”

At a time when many coal-fired power plants are being closed down or at least phased out due to climate and environmental concerns, biomass is becoming an increasingly-considered option for alternative power generation. Richard Poole is well aware of the opposition to using forestry waste to product renewable energy and says “The future is so bright if we are allowed to use Biomass helps fight Climate Change. Sustainable and responsible use of Biomass will ensure firming of the grid in NSW and our goal of delivering practical and pragmatic solutions to decarbonise our economy.”

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