Renewable hydrogen costs “expected to plummet” by 2030 – here’s how

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Renewable hydrogen costs to plummet. Following in 2021 where renewable hydrogen emerged as a crucial lifeline for emissions, intensive industries facing growing pressures to de-carbonise, 2022 is set to mark an inflection point for hydrogen investment – where investment and production surge to new highs – provided governments get on board. New analysis from energy […]

Bioenergy Roadmap Review. What does it mean for Australia?

Bioenergy Roadmap Review

Australia’s Bioenergy Roadmap Review is out. Designed to help inform future policy and investment decisions, the roadmap sets out a vision for a sustainable bioenergy industry that delivers lower emissions, regional growth, energy resilience and waste management benefits for Australia. So, what does it mean for us? The benefits for Australia According to the roadmap, […]

Renewable Energy Connections

Renewable Energy Connections

Australia plans to improve grid stability and flags caps to renewable energy connections. In light of rapid uptake of renewables, Australia is looking to improve its power grid’s stability to counter generation risks and overburdening of the transmission system. The country’s transmission system and grid lines were initially developed for coal-generated energy. However, nearly two-thirds […]

Biomass and baseload power: The reality of turning the electricity grid green

Biomass and baseload power

If ageing coal-fired and gas power stations are the ugly stepsisters of the electricity world, most renewables are the carriage that turns into a pumpkin after midnight (or as the sun goes down). We need more than hope and magic dust as we transition away from traditional fossil fuel generators to a new energy economy. […]

Hunt on for fixes for weak electricity grids

Fix weak electricity grids

Fix weak electricity grids. Victoria’s north-west has been chosen as the case study for a new project looking for ways to connect renewable energy to weaker parts of the electricity network. Monash University researchers selected the West Murray region because its lack of system strength is holding back development of new projects, despite the climate […]

International Hydrogen Plans Update – Europe

International Hydrogen Plans Update

International Hydrogen Plans Update. Hydrogen is having a moment. Globally, stakeholders of all kinds are looking to the zero-emission fuel as a way to decarbonize energy intensive industries and combat climate change. Among these stakeholders, governmental entities are embracing dedicated plans and roadmaps that focus on the deployment and widespread adoption of hydrogen and fuel […]

Green Hydrogen is the future

Green Hydrogen is the future

Green the new gold for investors: Why Green Hydrogen is the future of energy exportation. Green Hydrogen is the future. Hydrogen is unmistakably a colourless gas. So why is it regularly spoken of in a myriad of different colours? The ironic naming convention for hydrogen may seem trivial but it has vast implications for how […]

Revolutionising the Energy Sector

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African Cup of Nations 2023 provides hydrogen with a springboard to revolutionise the energy sector in the Ivory Coast, says iH2 founder. One of football’s most prestigious tournaments, the African Cup of Nations, is providing an opportunity to showcase Africa’s hydrogen prowess and the innovative solutions that local companies have been developing. One such company […]

Hydrogen needs to take centre stage

Hydrogen needs to take centre stage

Why hydrogen needs to take centre stage at COP26. Hydrogen needs to take centre stage. Hydrogen is likely to play a crucial role in the pursuit of energy transition over the coming years. However, the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow in November will be the acid test that determines whether […]

Carbon capture and low-carbon hydrogen


COP26: Carbon capture & storage and low-carbon hydrogen. For these vital net-zero technologies, the next five years will be critical. Carbon capture & storage (CCS) and low-carbon hydrogen have a pivotal role to play in meeting the challenge of a net-zero future. Yet despite project pipelines ballooning over the past year, confirmed future capacity is […]