Window to avert climate impacts closing

Window to avert climate impacts closing

UN chief: Window to avert devastating climate impacts ‘rapidly closing’. Drawing attention to the “deeply alarming” report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) last month, Secretary-General António Guterres spelled out that “much bolder climate action is needed” to maintain international peace and security. He urged the G20 industrialized nations to step up and […]

Investing in Australia’s net zero future


Investing in Australia’s net zero future. ARENA will tackle emissions in heavy industry such as aluminium and steel, while also continuing to support the electricity transition and hydrogen. The newly launched Investment Plan will guide the types of projects ARENA invests in, shifting attention onto opportunities to tackle emissions from heavy industry. In the plan, […]

Eliminating fossil fuels from Grid

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Net zero by 2050 means eliminating fossil fuels from the grid by 2035 Australia, it seems, is inching inexorably towards a net zero target for 2050. The onboarding of the country’s biggest business lobby, and even the Murdoch media, means that the Nationals and the naysayers are running out of excuses and platforms to oppose […]

2021 Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report

Inputs Assumptions and Scenarios Report

The 2021 Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report (IASR) details how AEMO will model the future in its forecasting and planning publications for the rest of 2021 and into 2022. It has been developed through 10 months of deep collaboration with a broad range of industry participants, governments, and consumer representatives. It reflects stakeholder feedback and […]

Electricity Market Report

Electricity Market Report

Global electricity demand will rebound strongly in 2021 and 2022. After falling by around 1% in 2020, global electricity demand is set to grow by close to 5% in 2021 and by 4% in 2022. The majority of these increases will take place in the Asia Pacific region. More than half of global growth in […]

Swings and Roundabouts the unexpected effects of Carbon Border Adjustments on Australia

Carbon Border Adjustments on Australia

Too often climate policy discussion has been dominated by fantasy scenarios: either one where a single country acts alone; or one where the whole world moves in perfect harmony to a globally consistent carbon pricing system. Neither scenario matches the messy multi-speed reality. The Paris Agreement reflects significant action worldwide that will intensify over time. […]

Hydrogen Energy Briefing Paper No 2/2021

Hydrogen Energy

This paper was produced to assist the Legislative Council’s Standing Committee on State Development with its current inquiry into the Development of a hydrogen industry in New South Wales. What is hydrogen and what can it be used for? Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, with the simplest atomic structure of any […]

The World Climate and Security Report 2021

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The World Climate and Security Report 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic gripped the globe shortly after the release of the inaugural World Climate and Security Report at the Munich Security Conference in February 2020. Despite the immediate and acute challenges of the pandemic, 2020 was an inflection point for global climate action. In the past twelve […]